Beat the Chasers' Issa Schultz speaks out on replacing Anne Hegerty

ITV's Beat the Chasers is returning to our screens later this year with a brand new Chaser on board – Australia's Issa Schultz, who replaces Anne Hegerty on the season after she tested positive for COVID-19 before filming.


The brand new addition to the Beat the Chasers panel has since spoken about being flown in to fill in for Hegerty at the last minute, revealing that he found the experience "overwhelming".

"I can't believe I'm here," he told in an exclusive interview. "[I'm feeling] great, excited and flattered that they asked me.

"I've always dreamed to come on the UK version in some regard when the Aussie one started because as a dual citizen, it's a great opportunity. So with that in the back of my mind, I was sort of like, 'Yes! At last!' but the circumstances were unfortunate obviously."

He added that he received a phone call at midnight in Australia the day before filming was due to start on Beat the Chasers, asking if he could replace Anne, and then had seven hours to get to the airport, where he flew to London for filming the next day.

"They really needed a helping hand and I'm just delighted that I'm able to assist," he said, before revealing that joining Beat the Chasers made him feel like he was "the new kid at school".

"Some of them have been doing it for 11 years so they just know each other inside out. They do know me from a quizzing perspective but not personally really. So yeah, it's trying to fit into that. You know, it's like being the new kid at school.

"I do want to fit in but they've been so welcoming, all of them. Bradley [Walsh] especially – he just knows how to make someone relaxed whether they're a contestant or a new person or whatever. And so he's really helped me relax for this first day."


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