WoW Dragonflight release date rumours | news & trailer for expansion

When is the WoW Dragonflight release date? Now that Blizzard has revealed the next big World of Warcraft expansion, that's the question that fans are asking.


Despite hosting an entire WoW expansion announcement live-stream to reveal Dragonflight (and The Wrath of the Lich King Classic), the game's developers stopped short of telling us exactly when this dragon-based update will drop.

Blizzard did tell fans to expect a new dragon-riding ability in the update as well as promising new areas to explore, and you'll even get to try out the new Dracthyr race and Evoker class thanks to the advancements of Dragonflight.

But what is the rumour mill saying about the WoW Dragonflight release date? Read on for some speculation on that, and a whole lot more.

WoW Dragonflight release date rumours

The WoW Dragonflight release date could occur in 2023, rumours on the web have suggested.

Fans have pointed out that the gap between announcement and launch is often around a year for World of Warcraft expansions, which would make April 2023 sound like a realistic deadline for Dragonflight, going by past form.

However, every rule has its exceptions and every expansion is different, so your guess really is as good as ours right now. Late 2022 could be possible, with some other speculation centring on November this year, but there's no way of knowing from our outside perspective.

When Blizzard confirms a WoW Dragonflight release date, or even a release window, we'll be sure to update this page.

WoW Dragonflight news

As well as giving fans a live-stream to enjoy, Blizzard also shared a massive Dragonflight deep dive blog on the official World of Warcraft website. If you really want to wrap your head around this new expansion, we'd recommend that you check that out.

If it's more of a swift summary that you're looking for, let's run through some of the key details we've been told to expect from Dragonflight.

Following on from events 10,000 years ago, Dragonflight will take players to the Dragon Isles. This area is split into a number of distinct zones, including a starting zone where you can begin playing as a member of the Dracthyr race (which is tied to the new Evoker class).

Crucially, players will be able to ride dragons and customise their dragon mounts. Meanwhile, under the hood changes are happening as well, with Blizzard promising a revamped user interface and a fair amount of tuning to pre-existing classes and professions. Basically, this is the biggest update we've seen in a while!

If you want to try out Dragonflight as soon as humanly possible, Blizzard is currently allowing players to opt in for a beta test on the expansion's official webpage.

WoW Dragonflight trailer

Want to know more about World of Warcraft Dragonflight ahead of its release date? You can watch the reveal event below if you haven't already.

The reveal starts at 10 minutes into the video, kicking off with the CGI trailer before going into a round-table chat with the developers. Check it out!

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