About Radio Times and the RadioTimes.com team

Radio Times is a weekly TV and entertainment magazine first published in 1923. It was the world’s first broadcast listings magazine and was owned and published by the BBC until 2011. It is now published by Immediate Media. The magazine publishes interviews and features with the biggest names in television, film and radio as well as carrying  listings for the best terrestrial, satellite and on demand television services, radio listings and film reviews.

RadioTimes.com was founded in 1997, and offers trusted guidance, exclusive news, features and interviews for television and entertainment fans globally. The site has a team of journalists and editors who produce content seven days a week as well as carrying the latest terrestrial, satellite and streaming TV guide, radio listings and film reviews . The site has won an number of prestigious awards including the Chairman’s Awards at the Online Media Awards, Launch of the Year at the AOPs and Best Use of Social Media at the PPA Awards.

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